Essential Gear for Digital Nomads

Working remotely has become a viable career path for many people. Gone are the days when you needed to spend years climbing the corporate ladder just to land your first job. Nowadays, you can work remotely from home or even from exotic locations halfway across the world. Of course, it takes more than the desire […]

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Do you travel abroad? Then you should definitely consider buying travel insurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Europe or Southeast Asia. The truth is that you can never be too careful. Losing your passport or having your credit card stolen is all too common. These unfortunate incidents happen to travelers every single day, […]

How to travel the world while you work online

If you’ve always wanted to travel the world and explore exciting locations without having to worry about returning home to your job or your hard-saved money running out, you might want to take advantage of the explosion of remote work opportunities since the start of the pandemic. Keep reading for some pointers on how to […]